The End-User’s Part in the Database Development Process

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The use of database in any company or organization permits the employees or the end users to enter and store pertinent data for future use. Database development can be a complex process of incorporating the necessary data and information that will guide the company in its business operations. With proper treatment, storage, and retrieval of information, they can easily build solid foundations from where their business can prosper and meet the needs of the clients. Developers, including the employees, can have a profound role in safekeeping and managing a system of database for the company’s use.

What the end user usually does in the database system is that he works with the application that feeds with the database. If the user is an engineer, he can open the computer and retrieve vital information like parts of machinery. In this way, the beneficial use of the whole database is practiced. This goes the same way with custom database development where the user might suggest how the database will store the data for his use. The database developer may sit with the engineer to know his specifications regarding the database system that will turn most beneficial to him.

The user may also use the database system to follow certain rules. For instance, if the part contains lead, this system should block the use for machines used in the household environment. It may have certain restrictions like never exceeding 200 lbs in weight. The programmer or the developer may always set these restrictions on the database for it to be followed.

With the use of a database system, the user can also import or export data from the system. What users usually do is to frequently keep records in small spreadsheet files. They are using this to keep track of small projects and other operations of a small task. In this way, the developer can help the users to import or export data from the system which the user opens with his spreadsheet program. SQL Server development is a very good example of a database platform that can provide these needs for users who require enough data. The developer may always work with the users in meeting their specific needs when it comes to the utilization of the database system. The database system is a good avenue to store data and retrieve them for beneficial use. Guidance from the programmer or the developer is a great way to make the most out of the database.

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The End-User’s Part in the Database Development Process

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The End-User’s Part in the Database Development Process

This article was published on 2013/04/23