Create a Powerful Relationship With Your Database

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Making time to connect with your database is a must in the world of sales, but let's face it, it takes as long to stay connected as it does to preform the various tasks of your job. How do you do it? How do you do your job to the best of your ability and stay connected to the people who will provide business to you? It is a really a juggling act, but there are a few ways to make it easier.

First, know who you want to work with. Now you are probably saying, I want to work with as many people as possible. That is not true. Think about it, do you really want to work with someone who you butt heads with? Getting a clear picture of who you want to work with is a great way to start the connection process. Why, you may ask. It is because when you are working with people you like it is much easier to call them and say hi.

Second, once you have your list of ideal clients follow a contact system. The key point here is to do something you like. Develop a contact system that you enjoy. One example would be to hold customer appreciation parties. You get to see the most amount of your database at one time. You can ask them for coffee or take them out to dinner. Do something you enjoy and they will enjoy it as well.

Third, be of service to your client. When you call them, instead of asking for their business or a name of someone they know who may need your business, ask them how you can help them. Focus on your area of expertise but think in terms of strategic alliances and see if you can provide them a referral for what it is they need. It is ok to let them know when they are ready you would love to provide them great service. You can always send them something of value that only you can provide. Information about their interest is always great information to give. Is shows you listen to them and you are willing to go that extra step to supply something to them.

Forth, surprise and delight them. Make sure you are treating your database the way you would want to be treated. Take a little bit more effort and thought to them and referrals will be pouring in. Calling, email, sending flowers, getting together for coffee are all ways to stay in front of your database.

Finally, make sure they know you are grateful. Show them gratitude by saying thank you every time you spend time with them. Tell them you are thankful they took the time to talk with you. Recognize what it is they are doing for you. Come from a true and honest place. If it isn't authentic they will pick up on it so make sure it is something you really feel!

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Create a Powerful Relationship With Your Database

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This article was published on 2010/04/01