A Lean, Mean Database

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Is that what your database looks like? Take into account what the R stands for in CRM - it's Customer Relations Management. What kind of relationship is there with any of the 3 examples given above?

Your CRM database should be lean and mean - containing rich information on people who are loyal clients or real prospects. Anything else, and you're fooling yourself into believing you have more business than you do.

Your CRM can, of course, contain great resources to refer to other people - after all, that goes a long way to developing a relationship. But an over-bloated database of people you don't actually know or haven't spoken to in years is not doing you - or your computer - any favors.

Everyone in your CRM should be someone you reach out to on a regular basis - and I'm not talking about "blasting" them with your newsletter or sending Christmas Cards. They are people you should be phoning to see if you can help them by answering questions, or giving them referrals or the name of a great resource for them, and simply finding out how they're doing with a personal note.

Haven't swept through your database in a while because it's too large? Then that's the reason it does need some cleaning out. Start with "A" and keep going until you've either reached out and made contact with a client or prospect; or make the decision to remove them because it makes no sense to keep them.

Why get rid of someone who may buy your products and services someday? Because unless you reach out and make a real, positive connection with them, you're simply playing darts blindfolded. You're fooling yourself into believing that you'll hit the bulls eye when you don't even know where the dart board is hanging.

Even if it takes you days, or you have to hire some temporary help, take the time to go through your CRM and make sure you either do something to strengthen the Relationship (a personal note, a phone call) or delete the entry and allow your computer some breathing room.

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A Lean, Mean Database

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This article was published on 2010/03/30